The out-of-the-box CRM provides a platform to achieve business outcomes. This functionality is used to guide the user of the CRM system, and we feel, is very important to achieve the business outcomes sought in implementing CRM.

Process Flows - to guide users through the process

There is functionality to guide a user as to what data they should enter, and what should be done next. This helps your staff understand how to use the system to implement your organistion's specific business processes.

Historically, user adoption has been a problem as staff need to learn how to use the system to do their job. With Guided Processes we are making it easier for them to do their job - easier becuase they do not have to have in their head a map of what comes next, and easier because they are prompted for important information and do not have to worry about missing something.

The business outcome is greater use of the system, achieving the business goals which have driven the decision to invest in implementing a CRM system.

The out-of-the-box CRM provides a workflow platform to achieve business outcomes. This functionality is used to automate functions so that Users (staff) do not have to do things.

Automated Workflow

This functionality just makes things happen without the User (staff) having to do things - or remember to do things.

You significantly reduce the burden from staff to remember every detailed step, and to enter data, or do things with the system. This can automatically generate an Invoice and email to a Customer or Client. Or it will remind Customers or staff to do something at a certain time via email or SMS text. It can also create a new recod at the appropriate time, according to data entered or time triggers.

Automated workflows will do soem of the work for you, and automatically monitor your business for you.

The business outcome is greater user adoption leading to quality and consistency of your products and services.

The out-of-the-box CRM provides a dialog capability - a way to ask questions and answers are entered into the database - the User does not have to worry about which screen to go to or where the information is stored.

The system prompts the User for the information it would like to have, and asks different questions depending on the answers give.

Dialog scripts

This is especially useful when you collect information as part of an Intake process, or when seeking to understand and determine the best approach, for a Contact or Organisation's specific circumstances.

Questions and circumstances to be evaluated are not overlooked or forgotten, but the User still has control over the flow and flexibility to work to the situation they are dealing with.

The business outcome is greater efficiency in collecting data to allow for proper evaluation and processing. Because this can model the most successful approach in collecting information, this tends reduce dependency on training and lift the overall level of performance.