Dynamics 365 has a number of "Apps" which are described below - each App being a very powerful functional tool for business in it's own right. A Dynamics 365 implementation or user may have just ONE App or more. Please see Dynamics 365 Licensing for more information about which functionality you can have as a User or an Organisation.


A lot of effort has been put into making this useful for sales people. In particular minimising data entry effort so that front lime sales people receive the benefits and time saving.

  • The system can be smart enough to recommend next actions with customers and prospects, and who needs attention.
  • The mobile phone app is very powerful so that while out in the field, or over a beer at the end of the day, updating and reviewing what is happening, is not  painful. All the information is at your fingertips.
  • Sales managers can see where people are overworked and who needs some help to get things across the line. Forecasts become much more reliable so people do not get emotional and panic at the end of reporting periods - things are happening live all the time.
  • Because workflows are automated and there are guided processes helping Users of the system know what to do next, stress is reduced while improving consistency and quality.

By the way the Sales Users also have access to any other information that is useful for them to have - such as a Customer's overdue invoices from the Operations app.

You can get a feel for functionality - please contact us if you would like a trial system or discuss your specific needs.

Customer Service

The Customer Service "App" has a lot of functionality focussed on managing Cases / Incidents / Tickets as well as Service Level Agreements and Service Contracts.

  • The knowledgebase is also very powerful for self service via a portal which comes with Dynamics 365.
  • Emails from an inbox can be automatically converted to a Case record, and receipt acknowledgement emailed backt to the person submitting.
  • A comprehensive dashboard shows status of demand for service and loads on service representatives.


Field Service

The Field Service "App" has a lot of functionality focussed on managing services delivered to customers out in the field.

  • Powerfull scheduling including travel time allowances
  • Maps and route planning using the optional extra Optimisation option
  • On-board vehicle inventory management
  • Mobile app for field people woking on the own phones
  • Collection of payments and sending of receipts and invoices from mobiles, including parts used

This is a good video showing functionality.

Project Service Automation

Project service automation is sophisticated functionality used to manage project based services and delivery.

This 2 minute video gives an overview.


This is Microsoft speak for Financial app - but to be fair, it also includes ERP, Inventory and a whole lot of operational functionality.

This video gives an overview - a live demo starts at the 8min 30sec mark.