Microsoft Dynamics 365 licensing and pricing

Please note that this is a guide only, and information can change without notice. Please contact Axem or your IT partner to discuss the many variables which can influence final choices.

Microsoft offers exceptional value for functionality, and excellent flexibility in licensing options suitable for your particular circumstances. Microsoft has upgraded their CRM product to add full across the business functionality - Quote to receiving Cash.

Dynamics 365 comes in two editions - Enterprise and Business. Differences are discussed below. Within the two Editions you can mix licensing models, but you cannot mix Enterprise and Business in the same installation.

The Enterprise version has addtional functionality and has features which are more usually applicable to larger organisations - they have more people with more time to take advantage of the greater feature set, or a number of other reasons.

Note that Dynamics sits within the Microsoft application platform which means integration with office productivity tools, and Artificial Intelligence and Analytics, is a no-brainer.


License Functionality Concepts

We mentioned flexibility above. You can choose which license in most appropriate for each of your Users.

  1. Team Member licenses have limited ability to perform functions - but they can see anything you give them access to, to allow sharing across your entire organisation.
  2. "App" licenses gives the User rich functionality within that app PLUS Team Member functionaltiy across the entire system. Apps are "Sales", "Customer Service", "Project Service Automation", "Field Service", "Operations" and "Marketing".
  3. Plan licenses gives Users full rich functionality access to MULTIPLE apps PLUS Team Member functionality.

Note that paying for 2 App licenses for one user will always be more expensive than a plan - so if a specific Users needs rich create, update and functional access to more than one App boundary - buy that User a Plan license.

It is posible to have 6 Enterprise Plan 1 User licenses and 370 Team Member Enterprise User licenses at your organisation.

Dynamics 365 Enterprise vs Business editions

This is very much a high level view - but the diagram below represents the structure.

Enterprise Plan 1 includes all the apps except Operations (Financials and ERP) and Marketing. Plan 2 adds Operations app.

Business Plan includes all aps.

Team Member license gives visibility to everything you want the User to see.

Business Editions Apps are not as all encompassing as Enterprise Edition Apps.

Functional Accessibility

The diagram below seeks to explain that

Plan Licenses have access to multiple Apps + Team Member fucntionality

App licenses have access to the specific App functionality + Team Mmeber 

Team Member licenses have visibility of everything in the system you want the User to see, but no access to significant functionality other than writing to Contacts and Account records, Activity records, and some other functions. But notice the price for this is VERY low so you can involve more peopel in your organisation.



Dynamics 365 Enterprise pricing



Dynamics 365 Business pricing