Office 365 Financials Features

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Add Customers 
Add customer details including their address, contact person, phone number, email address, payment details, discounts, bank accounts, and add notes. See payments due, payments history and transactions by period reports.

Sale Items
Include requested delivery date, shipment date, and sales invoice due date. Add line discounts or overall invoice discount amount. Save quote as PDF document and send to customer via email.

Accounts Receivable
Setup and maintain customers, and manage receivables.  

Purchase Credit 
Correct and create a new open version of a posted purchase invoice and make the correction and cancel the original posted purchase invoice. 

Fixed Asset Management
Keep track of fixed assets such as furniture, vehicles and equipment. Manage each asset’s location, depreciation, warranty, and maintenance details.

Bank Reconciliation
Import your bank statements and automatically match the records against open bank entries in your software. Any unmatched lines are added to the end of the statement for your attention.

Real Time Reporting
Wide set of business insight and reporting functionality. Powerful financial reporting to extract the most essential business data to efficiently monitor the health of the business and provide valuable input for business decision makers and accountants.

Add Suppliers 
Add vendor details including their address, contact person, phone number, email address, bank accounts, invoicing and payment details and, currency code. See payables owed and payment history reports.

Sales Invoices 
Convert sales quote to sales invoice or create new sales invoice. Ability to copy document lines from another sales document or copy a sales invoice to quickly create similar document. 

Sales Credit 
Create corrective sales credit or adjustment to sales invoice.

Basic Inventory
Set up your items and specify their unit of measures (e.g. piece, kilo, pack, hour), costing method (e.g. LIFO, FIFO, Standard, Average), unit cost and price.  View your current stock levels and transaction history.

Bank Account Management
Create and manage multiple bank accounts across different currencies.

Simplify electronic payment process to your vendors. Once the vendor payment batch has been checked, an Australian Banking Authority file (aba file) is created which can be uploaded to any Australian banking software. 

Basic HR
Add employees with relevant information such as job title, name, address, gender, contact details, employee picture, status, qualifications, employment date, probationary end date, tax file number and salary package. Can also record include confidential information and staff absences.

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