We are passionate about using technology to make people's day to day lives easier.

Mix of apps to create a whole business infrastructure
CRM - Office 365 - Azure development, modules, support

Out of box CRM functionality:

  • Service

    Now incorporates full field services, service contract management, knowledgebase and literature. Customer surveys for satisfaction. Automation.

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  • Sales Management

    Full opportunity management, goals and KPIs, forecasting.

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  • Marketing

    Generating leads using email and SMS campaigns, tracking and responding to the early customer journey before interested parties talk to sales.

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Business Outcomes:

  • Engage your community

    Allow them secure extended access to your systems so they can participate.

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  • What they need, when they want it, how they want it

    Give it to people.

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  • Make things easier for your community

    Automate as much as possible to make staff, clients, management comfortable.

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From our tailored stock:

  • Web portal - open CRM to Contacts via the Internet

    Expose records to Contacts via web portal so they can tell you, see you, participate with you.

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  • Modules

    for Work Health Safety, Contractor mgt, Recruitment, all aspects of Non Profit management, NDIS, more…

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  • Guidance and training

    how to be successful with technology. Assistance with your continuous improvement programs.

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Axem's Ateesa CRM product for non-profits and NDIS


Out of box CRM for Users
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